Our Approach


Access to community assistance and support is complicated for impoverished individuals. Their scenarios vary as much as their needs. Our volunteers join the person exactly where they are physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Walking side by side means taking one step at a time with individuals as they secure basic human rights – a home, food, healthcare, education and work.

We companion individuals who live in impoverished conditions by:

  • Earning trust through regular contact;
  • Dedicating time to work side by side with people who desire it;
  • Connecting with other faith communities, nonprofits and service providers who can help;
  • Committing to be companions in prayer and life.

Through the generosity of donors, compassionate volunteers, and relationships with charitable businesses and other nonprofits and outreach workers in San Diego County, we can piece together resources for those individuals most in need.

Ways to Give


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Network of Collaborators


East County Homeless Task Force  

As a task force participant, we connect with representatives from all sectors of the East County who share a common agenda to coordinate outreach and resources, increase shelter beds, and establish attainable housing opportunities for people experiencing homelessness. We co-lead the monthly East County Coordinated Outreach meeting to collaborate and magnify our response to individuals without duplicating assistance.

Passion to help

Homeless Outreach Through Faith Communities

Our volunteers join other faith communities to meet unsheltered people, address their urgent personal needs and provide check-in locations. It also is here where we begin our side-by-side mission work, earning people’s trust through loving relationships, understanding their needs and companioning them through referrals. 

Partnering with others

Partnering with Service Providers

Our resources complement other service providers’ programs. Service providers can request our assistance on behalf of their clients. We provide personal items that can help stabilize individuals while case managers work on the processes that lead to shelter, housing and work. We also participate in outreach with mental health and housing outreach specialists. 

Hands In Lap

Volunteers Who Desire to Be Companions

All our volunteers receive orientation and ongoing training as necessary. Some of our volunteers work behind the scenes, while others are experienced and trained to work directly with individuals in the field. Our collective gifts, skills and talents go into assisting people who have been referred by faith communities, nonprofit service providers, small businesses and residents.


"I pray, that being rooted and established in love ... all might know the love of Christ."     Ephesians 3:17-19


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